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    The "Wonder Woman" of the Seven, and a raging alcoholic.

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    Queen Maeve is a member of superhero team the Seven. Her cover story, which is apparently believed by most people, is that she is the 'Empress of the Netherworld'. In reality she, like the rest of the Seven, was grown from conception in Vought American's laboratories, dosed with Compound V from conception. She is capable of flight, as well as superhuman strength and durability. The Legend describes her and Homelander as the 'real heavyweights' of the Seven, implying that Maeve's powers are near the top of what is possible within the storyline of the Boys.

    She was probably the most looking-forward for missions than her teammates but after 9/11 all the positive spirit was broken especially when she had to slay some hostages with her sword in order to save herself causing her resorting to alcoholism. Maeve thought Homelander had a plan for the situation while he did the same about her.

    At present, she does not care about much except for an increasingly heavy gin habit, which has made her very inhospitable. However, she does seem to show some subtle signs of sympathy for Starlight, with whom she has exchanged information when needed, and has even saved her on one occasion from rape or worse at the hands of fellow Seven member Black Noir.

    Maeve has a history with the Homelander in particular. The Homelander was able to trick Maeve into having sex with Black Noir, a character who is still very much shrouded in secrecy. Maeve was deeply hurt and embarrassed as Homelander was able to produce photos of the encounter which he distributed throughout their community. Butcher often jokes that she uses guys like Hughie as tampons or that at least two men are needed to help her put on her bra.

    At some point, Maeve sought comfort in The Legend. She confided in him and thus he introduced her to the Boys as a mole to recover information about the Seven's inner workings like planting bugs and give in recordings. It was later revealed that she has also had affairs with Stormfront, the Legend (resulting in a baby who grew up to be the Blarney Cock, the 'supe' who was later killed by Wee Hughie), and an as-yet-unshown black superhero called Midnight Lightning which also resulted in the birth of a baby. She is currently uninterested in relationships, preferring instead to hire bodybuilders to 'double-team' her.

    In Other Media

    The Boys

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    Queen Maeve appears in the Amazon adaptation of the series, portrayed by Dominique McElligott.

    Throughout the series, she is seen frequently accompanying Homelander on missions and other public appearances. It is also revealed that she and Homelander were in a relationship at some point but broke up. She is also shown to have had a relationship with a woman named Elena, which implies she is bisexual.

    She admits that when she first joined The Seven that she was also genuinely wanting to make a difference and be a real superhero but over time she has become jaded and complacent with the corruption at Vought. She occasionally shows concern for others and helps when it's possible and will maintain her public image. She displayed genuine sadness and remorse after not being able to save a hijacked plane in Season 1, Episode 4.

    Although lacking some abilities compared to her comic counterpart (such as flight) she is still the second most powerful member of The Seven.


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