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Queen Mab is the Queen of the Fae Folk and possesses very old magic. She can effect peoples dreams and can see the true power in others, including the unborn.


Queen Mab was created by Peter David for his series Supergirl.

Major Story Arcs

Double Identities

Queen Mab has been pressed into Demon Mother's service and is forced to help her in her plans to destroy Linda Danvers. Queen Mab is forced to give Mary Marvel a dream that draws her toward Las Vegas. On the way, Queen Mab then makes Mary see Linda as a demon and visa versa. While the heroes fight, Queen Mab begs with Demon Mother to free her from service but Demon Mother will not allow it.

A Plague on Both You Houses

After Demon Mother's failed attempt to destroy Linda Danvers, she blames the failure on Queen Mab. Demon Mother claims that Queen Mab gave Mary Marvel "Demonsight', a claim Queen Mab denies. Demon Mother tracks Queen Mab to Ramsgill, where she exchanges the life of an unborn child for the loyalty of Queen Mab.

Chaos Rains/ A Better Angel

While in the Garden of Eden Queen Mab appears to Twilight and asks her to fallow her. Queen Mab leads Twilight to her sister, Jane. Queen Mab then uses her powers to free Jane from Demon Mother's spell. This act convinces Twilight to change sides and help Supergirl. Queen Mab is there later when Demon Mother is defeated by Buzz and when the Matrix is put into Twilight.


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