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    Guinevere was the legendary Queen consort of King Arthur.

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    According to the Arthurian Circle legends, Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur, daughter of King Leondegrance and had a secret affair with Arthur's greatest knight Lancelot. She is one of the most iconic characters of Arthur's legend, as she is bound to appear in several adaptations and is believed her forbidden romance with Lancelot is to have caused the kingdom's downfall.

    Lady Pendragon

    Exiled to a convent following her adulterous relationship with Arthur's friend and champion Lancelot, King Arthur's wife Guinevere pulled the legendary sword of power "Excalibur" from Arthur's bastard son Mordred's corpse in the aftermath of the battle of Camlann, where Arthur and his knights were slain.

    Torn between the Christian faith sweeping the land and the ancient wisdom of the druids, Lady Pendragon tries to unite the different Briton clans against the invading Saxons from across the sea.

    Betrayal rules the day as the Knights of the Round Table are thrust into a civil war that destroys the peace and unity that allowed the Knights of Camelot to fend off the barbarians threatening to overthrow the isle.

    Her descendant Jennifer Drake also bore the mantle of Lady Pendragon in modern era.

    In Other Media



    Guinevere was portrayed by British actress Angel Coulby. She appeared throughout all 5 seasons of the the British show.

    She started as a lowly servant of Morgana Le Fey and throughout the seasons she rose in ranking and eventually married King Arthur and became Queen.


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