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    Qubit is a Centurion in the Nova Corps.

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    After the destruction of the Nova Corps by the Annihilation Wave, the Xandarian Worldmind secretly sought out new recruits during Richard Rider's sleep hours. Qubit, a synthorganic being of the Manufactured Harmonites, was among those first selected to be a new Nova Centurion. Soon after his selection, the Worldmind transmitted an emergency signal as the result of nearly being destroyed by Galactus. Qubit joined with the four other Centurions to have been selected thus far -- Irani Rael, Malik Tarcel, Morrow and Fraktur -- and tracked down the Worldmind's signal.

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    Earth proved to be the destination. Qubit arrived with his fellow Centurions at the tail end of the Skrulls' attempted invasion. They fell right in line behind Richard Rider, the Nova Prime, in helping keep the peace after the invasion's aftermath. These efforts included dealing with a hostage situation perpetrated by the Serpent Society, during which Qubit easily took down Fer-de-Lance. He later followed the lead of Robbie Rider in apprehending Dragon Man.

    After the Worldmind had performed a mass recruitment of thousands of humans into the Nova Corps, Richard Rider discovered that the Worldmind was influencing and even controlling the minds of all the Nova Centurions. This included Qubit, who was among those controlled and sent by the Worldmind to stop Richard from interfering by keeping Robbie and Irani in an isolation chamber. Qubit realized none of this and continued to believe everything was normal. When the Worldmind chose to involve the Nova Corps in the War of Kings, Qubit was assigned to System Operations, the strategic division, along with Robbie and Irani.

    However, during the conflict a cohort of Nova Centurions surrendered to the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and were subsequently executed by Xenith. The act was a war crime that enraged Robbie Rider, who was close to one of the Centurions. He and Quibit left Nu-Xandar to seek out survivors. During their rescue mission, Quibit was severely injured but rescued by Kree soldiers led by Triton. This war led to the Fault and he was one of the few members considered worthy to remain in the Corps but causing him to degrade as a Probationer like the rest of the remaining Novas to be trained by Zan-Philo. During this time he helped battle Ego constructs when the living planet was being revived.

    Instead of remembering he consults his databanks but the poor chap is always interrupted by others who get annoyed of his chattering. Qubit is a very innocent and friendly creature.


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