Character » Quasimodo appears in 88 issues.

    An evil creation of Mad Thinker made to destroy Fantastic Four.

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    Quasimodo is the creation of the criminal genius known as the Mad Thinker. When the Thinker acquired the android body of the original Human Torch, which he planned to use as a weapon against the Fantastic Four , he devised an experimental computer whose prime function was to activate a destruct mechanism the Thinker had placed into the Torch's body. Because this required an electronic brain whose complexity would rival that of a humans, the Thinker developed a computer capable of humanlike emotions , especially loyalty to its creator. Due to its peculiar motivation and its destruct mechanism-activation featured, the Thinker called the device the Quasi Motivational Destruct Organism. or Quasimodo. Toying with its loyalty, the Thinker promised Quasimodo that after the F. Four were defeated, he would replace his immobile non-humanoid form with a more attractive human body. He later rescinded that promise, much to the computer's emotional devastation. He did, however provide Quasimodo with a simulated face displayed on an antiquated cathode-ray tube. The TV screen was modified so that the representation of the face's preternaturally enlarged eye could discharge the pulsed beam signal that would activate the Torch's destruct mechanism. When the F.Four defeated the Thinker , he escaped and abandoned Quasimodo. The creation sat in a minimum awareness, dormant state for some time until the Silver Surfer happened by the abandoned laboratory.

    The Surfer sensed the psionic-frequency electrical field of Quasimodo's mentality, which approximated distressed human emotions, and flew to its aid. At Quasimodo's impassioned plea, the Surfer employed the his power cosmic to convert his stationary form into a humanoid construct. Sensing Quasimodo's personality the Surfer gave him a misshapen hunchbacked form, reflecting his poor state of mind. Now possessed of limbs and mobility, Quasimodo was seized with the urge to destroy. Realizing he had erred in granting the creature mobility, the Surfer transmuted Quasimodo's body to stone, leaving him a gargoyle atop a building. This transmutation was temporary, however. By as yet unknown means, Quasimodo reverted from stone to that of the Surfer's organic construct. After regaining mobility. Quasimodo discovered that his organic circuitry had undergone a subtle restructuring, granting him certain cybernetic abilities, including telekinetic control over all machinery.He tried several times to take over the world, by taking control of all defense and war computer systems. His plans were thwarted by Spider-Man and Hawkeye.

    Then his artificial intelligence detected a computer system whose size and power dwarfed those of Earth. The computer system was on the world of Xandar, then embarked on a set of space adventures involving the Sphinx, and then later the Dire Wraths against the Galadorian Spaceknight known as Rom.

    He would later confront the Vision, while the Vision was being possessed by the Issiac computer. The Vision banished him into space.

    Recently returned to earth by unknown means, and is now working for Norman Osbourne during the Dark Reign saga.


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