Quasar Respect Thread

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Quasar Respect Thread

Fell free to add more scans if you have any

The Quantum Bands will choose their own master who is worthy

Fights against Maelstrom's black hole which is consuming the universe

Quasar contains his quantum jump

Survives an alternate earth being destroyed

Absorbs Living Laser

Creates a force field that resists attacks from Cyclops, Iceman, Hulk, Thing, Hercules, Thor, Wolverine, She - Hulk, Human Torch, Wonder Man, Collossus, Rogue, and Havok all at once

After being nullified, he escapes from Oblivion's realm into the Dimension of Manifestations

Quasar forms shields that protect the team from an explosion meant to kill them. Gladiator, Surfer and Beta Ray Bill were to be killed we can assume it's a serious detonation Quasar stopped. To succeed he drains power from all his team members WITHOUT asking their permission and he does son in less than a nanosecond!!!

Look at this trick he does with Hulk!

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Wow. Awesome. These scans are amazing.

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Awesome job with the scans.

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@jeanroygrant: You know I think that in the earlier comic books, of the 60s and 70s, characters were shown to be significantly more powerful. These days they are more grounded in reality.

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@darkazrael999: @darkazrael999: Thank you, fell free to add if you want to.

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Good job, man.
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I like Quasar, remember him most from The Star Masters

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I have never liked so much Quasar but you have made me to read something about him.

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@jeanroygrant: @TheGoldenOne said:

Good job, man.
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