Quasar #24

    Quasar » Quasar #24 - Maelstrom Manifest released by Marvel on July 1991.

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    Doctor Strange leads the defense against Maelstrom’s “new spin” on Earth. While the universe threatens to implode, Quasar meets with Infinity in the Quantum Zone.

    Maelstrom creates a super-black hole in an attempt to swallow up the universe.

    Quasar flying through the Quantum-zone to regroup discovers his true benefactor allowing him to continue to exist beyond death. Infinity. She names Quasar her Avatar and explains she represents the physical space of the universe (hense her name), and that Maelstrom has created a large black hole that will continue to grow until it completely encompasses the entire universe, leaving him as its single anomalous ruler.

    During this time, Maelstrom takes the time to find and taunt various would-be rivals. Thanos, Galactus, and Arieshem.

    Quasar returns to normal space and attempts to replace the matter and energy with the power Infinity has leant him as it is taken by the black hole. Maelstrom senses this and attacks him; Quasar maneuvers them into the event horizon of the black hole, destroying Maelstrom.


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