Quasar #22

    Quasar » Quasar #22 - A Long Day's Journey Into Death released by Marvel on May 1991.

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    Maelstrom recruits the Weird Sisters to run a full diagnostic on the Quantum-Bands. Meanwhile, Quasar has been hung up to dry…and to perish.

    Maelstrom learns over the course of hours how to augment his own power with the near limitless might of the Quantum-bands. He then traveled to the Eonverse with the intent to kill Eon and take the secret of Cosmic Awareness from it.

    Back on Earth, after several hours of being strung up like a slaughtered lamb, Deathurge appeared to Quasar; explained that he could release him from this torment, taunting him, even getting Quasar to beg for death, but then Deathurge reminds him of his prophetic warning a seeming eternity ago on the surface of Uranus, Deathurge refuses Quasar’s plea and leaves.

    Captain Marvel then appears to the tortured Quasar, He explains that Eon apologizes for the pain it had caused him, and that he understand that Wendell did the best he could, that Eon understands. Captain Marvel then basically says that he is proud to have had Quasar as a successor, he says "Goodbye, Brother." and vanishes.

    Wendell's father appears shortly after, and tells him all those things he meant to say in life. He was deeply proud and a little jealous of everything his son accomplished, and that he loved him.

    Later, after he is whipped repeatedly by one of Maelstrom’s minions, Quasar finally died when his personal death avatar (Kid Reaper) appeared before him and stabbed him through the heart. Maelstrom immediately donned the Quantum-bands and began burning large swaths through Eon’s body with Quantum energy.

    Sensing Quasar's death, Ghost Rider swears vengeance.


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