Quasar #19

    Quasar » Quasar #19 - Refugees released by Marvel on February 1991.

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    When Quasar interrupts the Jack of Heart's scheme of rallying refugees, an epic battle occurs!

    Quasar is having an arm-wrestling contest with Dr. Spectrum when Dr. Strange arrives at Project: Pegasus. He had detected something evil and the trail led him to the project. He attempts to send the Squadron Supreme back to their Earth, but fails.

    Quasar is curious about the evil presense, but Strange has no other information.

    Wendell has a brief date with Kayla, and she admitted that she was quite attracted to Wendell... but was interrupted when Wendell's Quantum-Bands detected something coming into earth's atmosphere. He admitted that he was Quasar and that's why he's always busy. Kayla was in shock and Wendell couldn't stay, so he left some money and ran.

    Quasar finds Jack Of Hearts leading a rag-tag group of tethered spaceship hulls. He confronted Jack, who responded with naked aggression having taxed his powers and patience to the limit on his trip from the Stranger’s lab world. After a brief struggle Jack found himself betrayed by two other members of the entourage the Presence and Red Guardian II.


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