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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 3451

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Tralak

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown

Major Story Arcs

E'Sprit de Corps

For more information see: Green Lantern #151

Note this is the only issue where Quarzz Teranh is alive

Quarzz Teranh relished his role as a Green Lantern, an honor he had held for 137 years, and took great joy in exploring the wonders of the universe. When the Guardians of the Universe requested that he undertake a suicidal mission to stop a black hole from destroying the Galaxy, Quarzz demonstrated the true heroism of a Green Lantern. With a tremendous display of willpower, Quarzz closed the devastating vortex and rescued two star-ships from being crushed by it's destructive force. Although he succeeded, the ordeal was too much for Quarzz to endure. Lying on an asteroid fragment battered and barely breathing, Quarzz was content that he executed his duty and once again enjoyed a quiet moment looking upon the wonders of the universe he had protected for so long.

Quarzz was found by his friends and fellow Corpsmen, Ghr'll and Xylpth. The two Lanterns offered to speed their friend to Oa, hoping that the Guardians could save his life. Quarzz refused, instead he requested that they leave him to enjoy the majesty of the universe for a little while longer, before death finally claimed the valant Green Lantern.

Blackest Night

For More Infomation see: Blackest Night

Quarzz, like many dead Lanterns come back to the world of the living under the control of the Black Power Ring.


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