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    An amphibious sentient race.

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    Despite being a humanoid species, due to their amphibious nature they still have some aspects of aquatic life. Such as having at squid-like heads and faces, with four prehensile tentacles on it. They could use these tentacles to manipulate various things, however they were mainly used as a way to manipulate and eat their food. On their faces they had a small mouth, with fang like teeth on either side of it, which were most likely used to easily cut food. On the large protrusions on the sides of their heads, were gill-like organs that were used for hearing instead of ears, as they possessed none and coming off of these protrusions, there are two holes that connect to their neck, which are used in order to breath.

    Their orange, leathery skin was common in the Quarren race with only a bare handful of rare members of the species possessing a grey coloured skin. When the species mated, their skin had the property to be able to change colour during the rituals of mating. Another aspect of their skin was that, due to their aquatic nature, they had to constantly keep it moist in order to survive. Due to the fact they evolved on a water-based and aquatic planet, the Quarren species were able to dive under the water to around 300 metres with ease, and without any need for any help from apparatus to do so.

    There are also three subspecies of the Quarren race, however the difference in the three is minuscule in that the physical difference lays purely in their hands. Some of the species had three or five fingers and fingers with suction cups on them, some of the Quarren lacked the suction cups but had thicker fingers with claws on the end of them. And the final subspecies lacked both suction cups and claws, and had relatively normal fingers. Despite the difference in the three subspecies, the average lifespan for all Quarren is around 79 years in total.

    Jedi/Sith Quarren

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    Darth Azard - A Sith Lord.

    Berluk - A Jedi Master.

    Darth Maleval - A Sith Lord.

    Qid Proko - A Jedi Knight.

    Sarn Bals - A Jedi Knight.


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