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    Quantum is a member of the Dakkamites, he can move short distances at fast speeds to make it seem he is in many places at once.

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    Quantum is from the planet Dakkam. He is an alien super-soldier and he is part of an elite group of Dakkamites known as The Elect.


    Quantum was created by Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom and first appeared in West Coast Avengers, Volume 2, #12 (September 1986).

    Character Evolution

    His exposure to Earth's sun helped to give him super abilities. Dakkamite scientists hoped to use this knowledge in order to create a platoon of super-soldiers by putting them in "capsules" placed near the sun. Once Quantum's treatment was finished he had gained incredible powers but the rest of his platoon had already gone.

    Major Story Arcs

    Quantum appears in the West Coast Avengers: Sins of the Past story arc. During his search for the rest of The Elect, he came to Earth and joined the super-villain team lead by Graviton. The group was set up to resemble the Unified Field Theory. Each member representing a different part. Quantum was to represent the "strong force", while Halflife represented the weak force, Zzzax electromagnetism, and Graviton represented gravity. Quantum joined the group because of Graviton's promise to help him find the rest of The Elect. The group was eventually defeated by the West Coast Avengers and Quantum left the group in search for his missing comrades.

    He also makes appearances in the Quasar: Journey into Mystery story line. During his search for The Elect, he comes across the Aquarian on Earth. The Aquarian is the original Dakkamite who discovered that benefits of being near the Earth's sun and inspired the scientist's plans to put The Elect near it. Unfortunately for the Aquarian, Quantum consider him a traitor and attempted to kill him. The Quasar saves the Aquarian by distorting Quantum's powers and trapping him using intangible duplicates.

    In the Annihilation: Ronan series Quantum reappears and is drawn to the planet Gobthab Omega by Glorian. This is only a cameo appearance and does not a role in the storyline. It is unclear if his killed during the assault by the Annihilation Wave.

    Powers and Abilities

    Quantum possesses super strength, invulnerability, the power of flight, and has the ability to generate a sheath of flames around his body. He seems to be able to survive without food, air, or water for very long periods of time, perhaps indefinitely.

    Quantum seems to also have a set of enhanced senses, shown is his ability to detect gravity waves.

    He is able to create what appears to be copies of himself by teleporting between different location at a very high rate. And he is also a highly trained Dakkam soldier.


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