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    American publisher, started in part by Will Eisner, and famous as the home of Plastic Man, Blackhawks, The Spirit and others

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    Quality Comics went out of business in 1957 after having sold the rights to most of their characters to DC Comics, including Blackhawk, Doll Man, Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb, the Black Condor, Phantom Lady, the Ray, Miss America, the Manhunter, the Red Bee, Firebrand, Max Mercury (the Golden Age Quicksilver), Plastic Man and the Spirit. These characters continued to be published and updated by DC Comics.

    Other characters from Quality Comics such as Midnight, 711, Neon the Unknown, the Red Torpedo and the Invisible Hood were also acquired by DC Comics. After a period of only a few appearances, these characters lapsed into limbo or into the public domain.

    Some of the original characters published by Quality Comics are:

    711 (DC unpublished)

    Ace of Space

    Alias the Spider (Quality, DC)



    Atmos Fear


    Bela Jet

    Big Shot (Quality version)

    Black Bat (Quality version)

    Black Condor (Quality, DC)

    Black Death

    Blackhawks (Quality, DC)

    Blackout (Quality version) (Villain)

    Black Shark

    Blaze Barton

    Blue Tracer (DC unpublished)

    Bozo the Iron Man (The Robot)

    Brain Master

    Brick Bat

    Burp the Twerp


    Captain Triumph (Quality, DC)

    The Clock (Centaur, Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Cobra (Quality version)


    Corsair Queen

    Crimesmith (Quality version)

    Crossbow (Quality version)

    Crystal Queen

    Cyanide Cindy

    Cyclone Space Pioneer

    Death Patrol

    Destiny (Quality, DC) (Quality version)

    Destroying Demon

    Doctor Claw

    Doll Man (Quality, DC)

    Doll Girl (Quality, DC)

    Dr. Thirteen (Quality version)

    The Dragon

    Espionage (Black X) (DC unpublished) (created by Will Eisner)


    Firebrand (Quality, DC)


    General Tala (Quality, Dell, Gold Key, Dynamite)

    Ghost of Flanders

    Granite Lady


    Great Defender

    Green Lizard

    Hand of Horror

    Her Highness (Quality, DC)

    Human Bomb (Quality, DC)

    Huntress (Quality version)

    Invisible Hood (Quality, DC)

    Iron Emperor (Quality version)

    Jane Arden (precursor to Lois Lane)

    Jester (Quality, DC) (Hero)

    Jester (Villain)


    Joe Hercules (Quality, DC)

    Just N Right

    Kid Eternity (Quality, DC)

    Kid Patrol

    King Killer

    Lady Luck (Quality, IDW, DC)

    Laughing Puppeteer

    Leopard Man (Quality version)

    Lightning Man

    Madame Doom

    Madame Fatal (Quality, DC)

    Madame Serpina

    Magno (Quality, DC)

    Manhunter (Quality, DC)

    Margo the Magician

    Marmaduke the Mouse

    Marksman (Quality, DC)

    Master Man (Quality version)

    Merlin the Magician (Quality, DC)

    Midnight (Quality, DC)

    Miss America (Quality, DC)

    Miss Fear

    Mr. Aqua

    Mr. Green

    Mr. Keeper (Quality, DC)

    Mr. Pointer

    Molly the Model

    Monsieur X

    Mouthpiece (DC unpublished)

    Neon the Unknown (Quality, DC)

    Peg Leg Friel (DC unpublished)

    Phantom Lady (Fox, Quality, DC)

    Plastic Man (Quality, DC)

    Purple Shirts

    Porcupine (Quality version)

    Quicksilver (Quality, DC) (Quality version)

    Raven (DC unpublished) (Quality version)

    The Ray (Quality, DC)

    Red Bee (Quality, DC)

    Red, White, and Blue

    Red Torpedo (Quality, DC)


    Rusty Ryan (Quality, DC)

    Sadly Sadly


    Scarlet Seal (Quality, DC)

    Silk (Quality, DC)

    The Sniper

    Spider (Quality version)

    Spider Widow (Quality, DC)

    Steel Hand (Quality version)

    Steel Harrigan

    Strange Turns

    Stretcho (Quality version)

    Stormy Foster (Quality, DC)



    Sword (Quality version)


    Tiger Woman

    Tom Thumb (Quality version)

    Tor (Quality version)

    Torchy (creator owned)

    The Barker (Quality, DC)

    The Spirit (Quality, Fiction House, Harvey, Dark Horse, DC, Dynamite)

    The Unknown (Quality, DC) (Quality version)

    Uncle Sam (Quality, DC)

    USA, the Spirit of Old Glory

    Veda the Cobra Woman


    The Voice, Invisible Detective (Quality, Dell)

    The War Wheel (Quality, DC) (Quality version)

    Wasp (Quality version)

    The Whistler

    The Whip (Quality version)

    Wildfire (Quality, DC) (Quality version)

    Wings Wendell

    Witch Quenn

    Wonder Boy (DC unpublished) (Quality version)


    X of the Underground

    X-5 Secret Agent (changed to G-5 by DC)

    Yankee Eagle

    Zero: Ghost Detective (Quality, Moonstone)

    Zorro (Quality, Dell, Gold Key, Dynamite)

    The Spirit (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Commissioner Dolan (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Dr, Cobra (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    The Octopus (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Hazel P. Macbeth (Quality, DC. Dynamite)

    Mister Carrion (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    P'Gell (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Sand Saref (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Silken Floss (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Darling O' Shea (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Lorelie Rox (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    Silk Satin (Quality, DC, Dynamite)

    DC published an Elseworlds title called JLA Destiny where many of the Quality heroes founded the JLA and were funded by Thomas Wayne. The original members were The Clock, Manhunter, Midnight, and Destiny. The Unknown, Spider Widow, Wildfire, and Destiny were characters that were based on their 1940's counter-parts. Joe Hercules and Stormy Foster appeared in Golden Age a DC Elseworlds title. Stormy would later make his New 52 debut in Earth 2. The Spirit was originally in newspapers that would later appear in Police Comics. 711, Blue Tracer, Black X, Merlin the Magician, and Raven have not made any appearances in DC canon. Bozo the Robot, Madame Fatal, Mouthpiece, and Wonder Boy have only been referred to and Lady Luck is published by IDW publishing. Lady Luck will make her DC appearance in Phantom Stranger 6. Stormy Foster and Torchy were the only characters that remained creator owned. Madame Fatale appeared in The Shade Mini series which was one of the few mini series published after The New 52.

    Some of these characters have separate pages while others do not. There was a character named Mouthpiece in the 1999 Doctor Midnight mini series; it is unknown if he is related to the Quality character of the same name. Image Comics reimagned the Golden Age characters and published Crack Comics #63 as an anthology one shot around 2008. Most of the characters are owned by DC may have lapsed into the Public Domain. The characters story arcs that continued were The Mouthpiece, Molly the Model, Alias the Spider, Wildfire, and Captain Triumph.


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