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    Quakemaster is armed with a powerful jackhammer of his own design. The custom jackhammer projects powerful energy waves that can shatter buildings or smash the bones of a human being.

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    Born Robert Coleman, before taking on the mantle of Quakemaster he was a very successful and renowned architect as well as builder in Gotham City. After a hurricane destroyed an apartment complex he had planned and constructed, Robert Coleman's misfortune is further compounded when his reputation as an architect and builder becomes irreversibly tainted as a result. It is following this event that Quakemaster is brought into existence in order for Robert Coleman to exact his revenge against Gotham City. As Quakesmaster he uses his custom modified hammer to show Gotham City that buildings designed by others cannot stand up to powerful earthquakes, but ultimately he is overcome and captured by Batman.

    Sometime later during Infinite Crisis, Quakemaster joins the Secret Society of Super Villains under the direction of Alexander Luthor.


    Quakemaster was created for use in DC Comics by Bob Rozakis, and originally drawn by both Tex Blaisdell and John Calnan. Quakemaster's first appearance is in DC Special #28 in July 1977.

    Other Versions

    Arnold Wesker as Quakemaster
    Arnold Wesker as Quakemaster

    During the events of Batman: Cataclysm, another villain the Ventriloquist (Wesker) uses the name of Quakemaster as an aliases of his to threaten Gotham City.

    During the issue Hero Hotline #1, the Hero Hotline battles a masked criminal wielding a jackhammer similar to that of Quakemaster. The actual identity of the character was never confirmed, though it was speculated it could have potentially been Quakemaster.

    Powers and Abilities

    Quakemaster does not posses any innate superhuman abilities but rather uses his custom designed jackhammer that has the potential to inflect massive amounts of damage to bone or buildings by projecting energy pulses.


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