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Young Jack and Jason
Young Jack and Jason

Jack’s past is a bit of a mystery.   He appeared when he was seventeen with a vendetta against the self-righteous, unfair government and a self-appointed task to be a hero of the down-and-out.   He traveled for a year and mostly disappeared except for rumors of heroism in league with unexplainable ground tremors.   After a year of travel he reappeared in Detroit, Michigan.   There he found a charge, Jason Klyne.   Quake and Singe worked together to protect the city as they honed their skills.   Once the New York Disaster hit they disappeared; they went underground to try and help the relief efforts as best they could.   This continued for two years until Telepath recruited them for her New Guard.

New Guard

Quake never intended to be anything more than a team of one; however, when Telepath came to Singe to invite them he decided to try it out anyway.   Before the New Guard, Quake and Singe hadn’t taken property damage or carelessness into account since it was usually the two of verses more than two enemies.   It took a while for them to adjust to working in a larger team but they eventually learned to work even with the larger group.   Quake and Michael even used a special move, Skydriver, where Quake used a ground spike to throw them into the air where Michael grabbed them and flew them into the ground as he pulled up at the last second.   Over time he managed to befriend his team, even teasing Telepath in his flirtatious ways just to get under her skin.

After a few weeks of training Quake decided that the team needed some non-combat bonding thus they went bowling.   As they’re out there was a news story about the Annihilgator attacking a few blocks from the area.   The team left to fight the monster and his minions; their first real fight against a non-simulated enemy.   Quake showed much more control over his powers than when they were first training together weeks before.

 Quake brings down the house
 Quake brings down the house

Not long after their success against Annihilgator the New Guard is captured by the Goth Girls and Quake was kept in a room with Michael and Scout.   All three break themselves out around the same time Telepath and Motherboard get out of their room.   As they tried to escape they ran into the Goth Girls and decided to settle their fight instead of just escaping.   Once most of the girls are down the team turned its attention to Rage, the seemingly invulnerable girl with super strength.   Nothing was damaging her so Quake finally took the fight into his own hands.   Instead of just trying to topple her he took out the entire building, Rage with it.   Once she falls he does as well, worn out from such a large attack.

Once the ordeal with the Goth Girls ends another begins: namely, the decision of whether or not to register the team with the government.   Quake still had absolutely no care for the government and was vehemently against registration; he was even willing to leave the team if they decided to go through with it.  To keep the team together Telepath brought them to Washington D.C. to try and get special permission with a family friend, Countryman.   Instead of everything going as planned, the team found themselves in a middle of a fight as the government sanctioned group, Taskforce, tried to take over the presidency.   Quake, Michael and Singe are a distraction outside as the rest of the team protected the President and tried to let reinforcements in.   Quake ends up primarily fighting against Monument, a man who could grow to a gigantic size and had proportional strength.   He deals heavy damage to Quake but in return Quake breaks his knee and then exploded his heart.   For their assist with the President the team was granted leeway and was allowed to stay unregistered.   Quake and Singe then decided to stay with the team and help people more than they hurt them.

Powers and Abilities


Quake is a Unique with the ability to manipulate earth and rocks.   He mainly uses his power to create small earthquakes or tremors.   He can also create pillars of earth that work like spikes or create quakes so focused they can attack one particular target.   He is also trained in martial arts and can fight hand-to-hand.   Although it’s not part of his powers, Quake is also very charismatic and very good with people. 

Personal Data

Height : 6’
Weight: 174 lbs.
Eyes: Robin-egg blue
Hair: Dirty blond


Known Relatives : Unknown
Citizenship: Presumed U.S.A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Unlicensed superhero
Education: Unknown


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