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Real name: Jacob

Code name: Quake

Identity: Secret

History: Quakes's exact origins are unknown at this time, however he does have a history of association with Captain Dynamo as a fellow defender of Tower City. When stable, Quake can be counted on to serve and protect the citizens of Tower City. Shortly after Captain Dynamo's death, Quake neglects to take his medication, which complicates his crime-fighting. Warner has Myriad practice impersonating Captain Dynamo, hoping to confront Quake and get through to him. Quake is one of the four superheroes that Scrap enlists to replace her siblings after Dynamo 5 dissolves after the team's first year of operation. During the battle while defending Tower City, Quake was deceived by Dr. Chimera's illusions. While he was distracted by a illusion of Captain Dynamo, his legs where crushed by Slaughterhouse. After the battle at the hospital it was revealed by Scrap , that he might not regain the full use of his legs.

Superpowers: Quake generates raw kinetic energy that manifests in the form of shockwaves and tremors. Unfortunately the harnessing of these abilities brings with them a hefty price as Quake often suffers from delusions and requires medication in order to lead a stable and productive life.

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