Quake Woman

    Character » Quake Woman appears in 25 issues.

    Robot Master created by Dr. Lalinde for geological surveying.

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    Quake Woman was created by Dr. Lalinde for geological surveying. She was originally created and named "Tempo" with artificial intelligence and personality much like Mega Man, but this was later removed after an accident.Dr. Lalinde feared losing her 'daughter' because of her human attachment, and even became an opponent of humanizing robots afterward.

    After debating Dr. Light and the attack of the anti-robot terrorist organization the Emerald Spears, Dr. Lalinde realized the error of her ways and restored Tempo's personality, but after that, Tempo seems to suffer from a slight Post Traumatic Syndrome, hesitant to use her abilities in fear of being buried again. This was brought up when she, Roll, Kalinka, Oilman, and SplashWoman worked together to help with the rescue efforts of a ship run-a-ground in a heavy storm, but she manage to overcome her fears and help save the day.


    Quake Woman is only the third female Robot Master besides Roll and Splash Woman. She was created by Ian Flynn and Jonathan Hill for Archie's Mega Man series. Quake Woman is a comic origin character and has not appeared in any Mega Man video game.


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