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    An Insane Toy-maker turned super-villain. He is the current leader of The Fearsome Four. He is currently a toy

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    When his toy making business went down the drain, Quackerjack wanted revenge on his competitor who had destroyed his company: Whiffle Boy. He also a grudge against all video games because of this, claiming they'll "rot your brains."

    Quackerjack made his debut in the episode "Whiffle while you work" where he attempted to put an end to Whiffle Boy mania. He and Darkwing Duck first crossed paths at the St. Conard wall, where Darkwing had been attending a Whiffle Boy competition under his secret identity Drake Mallard. While Darkwing didn't know who Quackerjack was at the time, said villain knew who Darkwing was and told him to stay out of the way. After capturing Darkwing with a motorized hula hoop, Quackerjack decided to retreat on a motorized pogo stick. Darkwing attempted to follow him on an inflatable toy but Quackerjack escaped by popping the toy with some Jacks.

    Quackerjack later appeared in Whiffle Town, the place of all things Whiffle Boy. He attempted to flood the place with a gigantic Crying Chrissy Doll but was foiled by Gosalyn Mallard. He made his next move at the big Whiffle Boy competition between Darkwing and Gosalyn, attacking everyone with gigantic but deadly toy teeth. Darkwing and Gosalyn managed to get rid of the teeth, but while struggling with Quackerjack, Darkwing and his foe got sent into the Whiffle Boy game. Quackerjack teamed up with the video game's main antagonist, Weasel Kid while Darkwing teamed up with Whiffle Boy who, unknown to him, was being controlled by Gosalyn back in the real world. The two clashed with each other throughout the game until they made it to the final level. Darkwing managed to escape but Quackerjack was gobbled up by the game's final boss, Gator Gal. He somehow managed to escape and would continue to be a major foe against Darkwing.

    Powers and Abilities

    Much like Negaduck, Quackerjack had no actual superpowers. He instead relies on an arsenal of deadly toys to face his foes. His most common weapons being large false teeth that seem to chomp through anything but are greatly afraid of dentist drills. Other toys include Toy Soldiers, vicious Teddy Bears, jump ropes, motorized hula hoops, giant wind up Gorilla dolls, flame-throwing fire engines, etc. Quackerjack does consider his "power" to be his Wackiness, as seen in the episode Jailbird when Negaduck used a mystical gem to steal the powers of the other Fearsome Five members. Quackerjack's wackiness caused Negaduck to laugh funny at random times, much to his annoyance. It is possible that Quackerjack's wackiness is what gives him the inspiration to make deadly toys.

    Quackerjack himself is quite nimble and can jump quite a good distance. However, some episodes have portrayed him using springs in his shoes while other times it seems to be his own ability.


    He was created by Tad Stones and other creators of the Darkwing duck tv show. He was voiced by Michael Bell.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Duck Knight Returns

    When Negaduck said he knew Darkwing Duck's secret identity, Quackerjack pleads to know it, but Negaduck said Quackerjack wasn't mean enough and destroyed Mr. Banana Brains. Quackerjack worked at Quackwerks, and at first he enjoyed his job. However, after a that joy dimmed as his projects were changed, stolen or closed.

    Because of this, he found Bushroot, Megavolt and Liquidator and re-united the Fearsome Four .

    In "Darkwing Duck Annual #1" Quackerjack strikes against Whiffle Boy again. He turns a large portion of the employees and the world into toys, using the Molecular Digitalizer. Darkwing tried to stop him with the old Mr. Banana, but Jack said that old ways "doesn't work in today's time" and threw Mr. Banana Brain away.

    However, later old and new Mr. Banana Brain were made alive by the Molecular Digitizer, which Quackerjack had been using to make everyone into dolls. The two aspect of his personality are now personified and they fight for him. Darkwing saved Quackerjack, but he ran away and turned himself into the toy, because "This is the best I'll ever be".


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