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Qu Rahn in the clutches of Jerec
Qu Rahn in the clutches of Jerec

Qu Rahn was a Jedi Master living during the Dark Times - the twenty-year span after the Jedi Purge and before the destruction of the first Death Star. He, along with Morgan Katarn - who, while Force Sensitive, refused Qu's offer to be trained in the ways of the Jedi - were two of the only people in the galaxy who knew the location of the Valley of the Jedi.

Rahn survived the Galactic Civil War, living to see the first death of the Emperor and the effective fall of Palpatine's Galactic Empire. However, he eventually fell into a trap led by the Seven Dark Jedi. He was captured by Jerec, a former Jedi turned Inquisitor and Dark Jedi, who was obsessed with the Valley's location. The people Rahn was with were each executed, one by one, in an effort to force Rahn to reveal the information - but he resisted. However, he was unable to resist Jerec's powers as he ripped the information he required from Rahn's mind. He very briefly escaped his bonds, fighting with Jerec's group of Dark Jedi. But he was no match for Jerec's power as Jerec casually blasted Qu Rahn with the Force before striking him down.

Qu Rahn, however, lived on in the Force, appearing to Morgan's son, Kyle Katarn, and teaching him to use the Force. Kyle later found Qu Rahn's lightsaber, using it on his quest to defeat Jerec and free the spirits within the Valley.

Powers and Abilities

Qu Rahn dueling Sariss
Qu Rahn dueling Sariss

Qu Rahn was a very skilled duelist, capable of fighting multiple Dark Jedi at once, including Jerec's apprentice, Sariss. He was even capable of slicing Maw in half before Jerec brought him down, forcing Maw to use a prosthetic hover platform from that day forth.

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