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Qabiri is an inhabitant of the Brilliant City and a powerful being capable of inter-dimensional travel among other abilities. He has existed on this higher plane of existence known as the Brilliant City since time began, a plane of existence that exists at the top of the spiral, the structure which the inhabitants of the Brilliant City refer to as being the structure of universes, realities and dimensions. As they live at the top of the spiral they are closer to perfection and enlightenment than those that reside on lower flawed broken levels. They are aware of other realities lower, and consider them dark and corrupt, a darkness. The Brilliant City flawless and unchanged for eons and since the beginning of time and space, to leave the Brilliant City for lesser realms is to risk corruption and impurity and so not allowed. Qabiri is acquaintances with Melchior another resident of the Brilliant City, and the two often speak of the dangers and risks posed by outsiders. Where as Melchior is unconcerned with lower lesser realities and dimensions confident in his realms superiority, Qabiri grows more concerned and anxious over the threat of interlopers and travelers that might infect his home. Although he also holds hubris over his superiority he points to the sheer numbers and desperation of lesser realities inhabitants as reason for concern.

Qabiri's people are immensely powerful, they float effortlessly and naturally when moving and can shift their very frequencies to travel. As physical specimens they are perfect and almost angel like. Qabiri like his people is also distinguished by surreal colored eyes, odd colored sclera and irises.


Qabiri is a Marvel comics published character, created for the X-Man series by writers Warren Ellis and Steven Grant and artist Ariel Olivetti. Qabiri makes his first appearance in X-Man #67 - Shockwave: part one: Infinities of Evil released in the year 2000.

Character Evolution

Qabiri is featured as one of the antagonists in the X-Man series, starring Nate Grey, near the latter end of the series, Qabiri appearing over multiple arcs. The character is introduced along with a host of concepts, the character seemingly exists as a perfect and pure being from a pure and perfect race, from a pure and immaculate city in a likewise incredible and enlightened reality. This place is known as the Brilliant City, which in many ways is parallel of many settings attempts to invoke the idea of heaven as a city. The Brilliant City is inhabited by many people, we only become familiar with three with the rest appearing fairly neutral. Melchior and Idris are the the other two inhabitants we know on a first name basis.

Qabiri appears almost religiously dedicated to his goals of keeping darkness and inferiority out of the Brilliant City, where as the rest of his people are much more complacent. Qabiri's power ability makes him a significant threat and villain for Nate Grey who was already written as a very powerful character himself. The antagonist also explores classical themes of inequality, the hubris and arrogance of perfection and the xenophobia and fear of other outsider groups overwhelming an established groups stability and peace.

Major Story Arcs


Qabiri, an inhabitant of the the Brilliant City is conversing with his peers, Qabiri insists that outsides present a very real and future threat to their chaste and pure way of living and existence. Melchior a friend and acquaintance tells Qabiri not to worry about such things and cautions that they are neither soldiers or mercenaries and to contact or interact with the lower life forms is to run the risk of corruption and being sullied by inferiority. Qabiri is relentless with his caution and implies Melchior lacks faith about his purity. He points out that they once only believed they could walk the spiral at will, but now lesser life forms also can. Melchior accuses Qabiri of having genocidal intentions and warns that attitude will only court disaster. Qabiri has made up his mind however and leaps off the side of the Brilliant City descending into the spiral with Melchior calling his actions foolish and Qabiri vowing to safeguard the Brilliant City.

Earth 253 and the Protectorate

Qabiri arrives on Earth 253 and hovers above New York. His presence causes some upheaval, some believing his beauty indicative that he was an angel of sorts. Qabiri would cause New York to burn, killing its all inhabitants. This would gain the attention of the People's Protectorate, consisting of Nightfighter, Thor, Citydweller, White Bird, Technocrat, Nate Xavier and Nicola Zeitgeist. Qabiri would fight several of the Protectorate at once or in small groups. He would weaken Citydweller by destroying various cities, including . At some point two of the more powerful members Thor and Professor would chase Qabiri. Thor overestimating his power and underestimating Qabiri would rush headfirst into a potent energy field vaporizing. Qabiri's serious demeanor would cause him to criticize the Professor and he would reference both Professor and Zeitgeists ability to travel dimensions and how they were a threat to his home reality and so needed to die. Professor would create an energy "dream ball" that would produce Technocrat who would send her techno scorpions against Qabiri, Technocrat commenting that the energy they tasted was the purest energy she had ever encountered. Using his energy attacks Qabiri would kill both before being attacked by Zeitgeist.

Powers and Abilities

Qabiri is extremely powerful, possessing extremely powerful energy manipulation powers. Extremely durable and robust, Qabiri could withstand all manner of physical and energy attacks. Qabiri's offensive energy output was of the extent to allow destruction of worlds. Qabiri possesses the ability to fly, fly though space unaided, and travel inter dimensionally. As an inhabitant of the the Shining City, physiologically Qabiri is many multitudes superior to normal human beings.

Qabiri is long lived and essentially immortal, having existed for eons. Qabiri possesses super human levels of durability, power, resilience and durability, and he can generate and manipulate potent and massive amounts of energy, the ability to travel dimensions, read minds, sense other life forms, and exist and remain unaffected by the void of outer space. Qabiri would often generate weapons, specifically a sword generated of burning fire frequently. Qabiri's protective energy shield was potent enough to destroy and kill the powerhouse Thor. Qabiri could read the mind of the very powerful telepath Nate Grey, who also despite being very powerful would often admit and acknowledge the unlikeliness of being able to contend power wise with a being such as Qabiri. One weakness Qabiri did have however was a deficiency in being able to adapt and learn new approaches in dealing with problems, having rarely experiencing opposition or challenge in his long life.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: Unrevealed
  • Weight: Unrevealed
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: White irises on black sclera.

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