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Pyrrha Alexandra is the daughter of Sophitia Alexandra, niece of Cassandra Alexandra and the sister of Patroklos Alexandra. She was kidnapped at a young age by the deranged Tira, and she also has a dependency on the evil weapon Soul Edge. Due to her abduction at a young age, Pyhrra ended up in the care of random strangers and not her true biological family. However all the people that would encounter and care for growing Pyrrha would find themselves mysteriously dead, victims of bizarre and brutal deaths. She earned the moniker the "Bringer of Woe" and acquired a timid and passive personality. At one point, she was sold into servitude to a nobleman's son, Jurgis. Jurgis took a liking to Pyrrha who for the first time in her life felt at ease. Jurgis would propose to Pyrrha, she would accept, however the young romance would end, with Jurgis found dead.

Tira would reappear and offer to guide her at such painful part of her life. Hesitant, confused and in distress, she would accept Tira's offer.


Pyrrha is a Namco Bandai character.

Character Evolution

Pyrrha is a bit of an oddity as a fighting game styled character mostly because of the characters reluctance and lack of fighting spirit.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrrha uses a sword and shield in battle.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight:
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Blonde

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