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    Pyron is an ancient cosmic being belonging to the Darkstalkers universe.

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    Pyron was born over 65 million years ago on the planet Hellstorm. This planet was governed by violence and wars and centered on the main principle of evolution. Each new generation of beings were evolved beyond their ancestors. However only one being was able to achieve the peak of evolution: his name was Pyron.

    Over the eons he has traveled the universe, to other stars and galaxies, in search of planets to drain. One world that gained his attention was Earth. Pyron used his precognition to predict how the planet would turn out in the future and that it would eventually develop powerful fighters. In anticipation Pyron created his own loyal robot followers, the Huitzil. These machines were to monitor Earth's development and notify their creator when it had been populated with beings who could provide Pyron with the one thing he unusually craved for: physical combat. This would lead to the Huitzil extinguishing the Dinosaurs, before going deep underground and entering a long sleep until humanity appeared.

    Pyron returned in the present day, leading to the events of Darkstalkers.

    Powers & Abilities

    Pyron is a cosmic entity whose psychic form occupies over 400.000 light years of space. His physical body seems to be entirely composed of energy allowing him to change his own shape and size and making it almost impossible to harm him. He can change into any shape he desires and split his body into several parts to use as avatars of himself. His body naturally produces an enormous amount of heat and when he aproached the Earth he caused a drastic change in the planet's temperature.

    His most displayed power is the ability to manipulate energy on a cosmic scale for a variety of effects. He has been seen absorbing the energies of the planets he collected to add to himself and in battle one of his main forms of attack consists of shooting energy blasts (usually in the form of spheres) at his opponents. He also usually protects himself by creating an energy barrier around his body.

    He can manipulate matter using his cosmic powers and did so to create the Huitzils- an army of super advanced robots- to serve him.

    He can also teleport and does so in battle to surprise his opponents and dodge attacks.

    Finally, he also seems to possess cosmic awareness as he was able to predict millions of years ago that the Earth would eventually generate beings powerful enough to saciate his hunger for combat.


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