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Pyre (D.O.A. member)

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The first Pyre was a member of the occult group D.O.A. she was an enemy of the Nightstalkers.

Pyre was created by D.G. Chichester and Ron Garney in 1992 and first appeared in Nightstalkers # 2.
Pyre II (Gray Russell)

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The 2nd and current person to call himself Pyre was Gray Russell, an undercover journalist who joined a street gang when he discovered they were using a warehouse linked to  A.I.M. as their headquarters. After participating in a drive by shooting in order to save his own life, Gray discovered a secret room in the warehouse, and a machine that would give super powers to normal people. He seemingly died shortly after a fight with Venom and Punisher. Seemingly turned out to be the key word, as he has recently resurfaced during Civil War.

Pyre III (Sword member)

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First Appearance X-force vol.1 #84

The third man to call himself Pyre was a member of Sword and an enemy of X-Force. He was a member of the Deviant race trained by Ulysses Dragonblood. He hunted down his mentor after he defected and battled X-force numerous times which resulted in defeat. After De-evolution by the gatherer it is unknown what became of him. 
his most notable feat was destroying one of Ulysses' arms.
Pyre- The first Pyre's powers were based in the occult, she was able to channel hellfire.
Pyre II- Gray Russell could superheat his body and discharge blasts of extreme heat.
Pyre III- the third Pyre was a Deviant with the ability to fly and ignite oxygen into flame; his control was so precise that he could ignite the atmosphere directly around a specific target.


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