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    From the Fairy Tale.

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    In Shrek:

    Has been employed by king Harold, father Fiona, for the assassination of Shrek. As a consequence he became friends with Shrek and company.

    In Fables:

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    Also known as Marquis De Carabas, Puss-in-Boots is an orange cat who can also play the fiddle. It is known that he resides at the Farm due to his inhuman appearance and that he took part in several meetings of the gathered non-human Fables. However, he had little involvement in the political affairs of the Farm.

    Later, when Cinderella took on a mission for Fabletown to discover the source of many black market magical items, she knew that she would need assets. Going to Frau Totenkinder for a favor, she had the witch create a charm bracelet with three charms that would summon three different animal Fables to help her if she needed them: Puss-in-Boots, Dickory, and Jenny Wren. Puss-in-Boots agreed to help Cindy in exchange that she would someday help him reclaim his lost estates.

    After tracking the black market items to an oil rig in the ocean, Cinderella and Aladdin end up trapped by Safiya and her henchmen, the masterminds behind moving the illegal items. They are bound and placed in a pit that is slowly filling up with mud. Fortunately, Aladdin is able to reach Puss-in-Boots charm and he helps the couple to escape and capture the the three Arabian maiden Fables.


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