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    A film set for release on February 6, 2009 starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou. Wildstorm published a prequel mini-series.

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    In the world of PUSH, there are those gifted with special abilities. A secret U.S. Government agency known as the Division seeks out those individuals to enlist them in their service.

    The individuals are classified by their powers:

    • MOVERS:  A person has the ability to use telekinesis to move or levitate objects.  
    • SNIFFERS:  A sniffer has the ability to 'talk' to items.  By touching an object, they can see where it's been and what happened to it or around it.
    • BLEEDERS: Have the power of emitting a powerful 'scream.'  The screams are released at such frequencies that they can shatter glass, break bones or cause serious internal injuries.
    • PUSHERS:  Can implant mental suggestions in a person's mind.  They can also place false memories in a person's mind.
    • WIPERS:  Can cause temporary or permanent memory wipes.
    • WATCHERS:  Can see future events.  They have visions of certain scenes and usually relay the event by drawing it out.
    • PHASERS:  Can pass through solid objects.
    • SHIFTERS:  Can change the physical appearance of things.
    • PORTERS:  Can teleport through time and space.
    • CHANGERS:  Have the ability to change their appearance.  They can look like another person, male or female.  They can also change their size.
    • SHADOW:  Have the power to block other clairvoyants.

    In the movie, a small group of gifted individuals is trying to hide from the Division.  The Division will stop at nothing to ensure the individuals go along with them and nobody else.


    Wildstorm's PUSH
    Wildstorm's PUSH
    The mini-series is set in the year 1986 and serves as a prequel to the movie.  In it, an operative, the only CHANGER they've had, Ezra Lowe.  Ezra was the only CHANGER that the Division had.  After a couple of botched field missions, he began to suspect something wasn't right in the Division.  Not sure who to trust, he soon found himself on a last minute mission with a team he did not choose.  It seems a former tech employee of the Division had stolen classified information and was looking to sell it.  Ezra's job was to masquerade as the buyer and obtain or destroy the information before it got into the wrong hands. 

    Upon obtaining the information, the seller was taken out by a sniper.  Ezra found himself surrounded by his own team.  Making an escape with a teammate who was a PORTER, Ezra soon discovered that everything he knew and believed in about the Division was wrong.  

    Going back to Hitler's "Master Race" plan, it turns out he was obsessed with this.  He sanctioned underground research that was only known to his inner circle.  The public displays of executing different groups was really a way to round up people for experiments.  His scientists went to any means to study individuals thought to possess special abilities.  Their goal was to reverse-engineer them any way they could, often at the expense of the individual.  As the war drew to a close, U.S. soldiers found evidence of Hitler's research in a living baby boy.

    Upon hearing of this, the U.S. Government decided to jump on the plan of having super-psychic soldiers themselves.  They used less drastic means and had some results.  They began their version of a recruitment program but soon discovered that even the most promising individuals were not powerful enough to lead an army.  U.S. scientists were able to perfect a serum the German scientists worked on.  There were mixed results and they soon found that the serum reacted differently with the gifted individuals and there were then categorized by their powers.

    The Government agency continued to work secretly and was never given an official name.  Thus they became known simply as the Division.  Their goals were to guide the world into the direction that best suited the U.S.' needs.  Those in power in the Division soon began making moves that met their own personal interests.

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