Character » Purge appears in 36 issues.

    A Genoshan mutant who joined Professor Xavier and Magneto during their time on the island.

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    An ally of Professor Xavier and Magneto while they where spending time on Genosha. Purge's mutant powers made him stronger and faster then most other humans (or mutants). He however lost his powers after M-Day, when he was de-powered by the Scarlet Witch.

    Some time later, after Xavier and Magneto had left the island, Purge regained his abilities via Quicksilver and the Terrigen Mists. He fought the Inhumans when they came to get back the Mist. He was taken by O*N*E into medical care, where he eventually lost his powers again. He has not been since then.


    Heightened physical assets such as strength, speed, agility, durability, balance and all of his five senses.


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