Character » Puppy appears in 14 issues.

    Supposedly Lockjaws grandson from an alternate reality.

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    PowersPowerPuppy was found in the basement of the Four Freedoms Plaz a, by Alyosha Kraven, who had been hired by the cities officials to find out the origins of the howling (the howling caused by Puppies loneliness and hunger).  However, Puppy was rescued from an uncertain fate by the Human Torch, Spider-man and Caledonia, who became the first human to befriend Puppy. Taken back to Pier Four, Puppy quickly bonded and became best friends with Franklin Richards
    When the inter-dimensional Bounty Hunter known as Bounty, and the Bacchae came after Caledonia, Puppy demonstrated his ability to teleport for the first time.  Puppy teleported the group into Taratrus, and after their return home, the ordeal left Puppy too scared to teleport again.  
    When the "Chaos Wave" threatened Earth, Puppy was sent with Caledonia and Franklin Richards into space, on the intergalactic boarding school known as "Haven". During this time Puppy took part in a mystical adventure with Sinbad. As Abraxas threatened the world, Valeria brought Franklin back to Earth, but Puppy and Caledonia did not return.


    Puppy is able to teleport across dimensions, and although he is not yet skilled at teleporting, he is able to take others with him. Like Lockjaw, Puppy is also able to track others through dimensions, and possesses forked-antenna on his forehead.

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