Punk Rocket

    Character » Punk Rocket appears in 7 issues.

    The Titans first engage this villain in an auditorium, where he's busy bringing down the place with sound.

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    Punk Rocket's sole threat as a bad guy lies in his super-amped stratocaster guitar, which is capable of emitting highly piercing sonic wave blasts. Just one thrash of his guitar is enough to cause walls to cave in. After Beast Boy managed to eliminate the threat of the guitar, Punk was easily taken down by the rest of the Titans.

    (Note: Punk Rocket was a new villain specially made for "The Lost Episode", which ran as a promotional special between Post Cereal and Teen Titans.

    For the promotion, fans were able to unlock the full-length "The Lost Episode" from Post's site using "Postoken" codes found in special Teen Titans marked Post cereal boxes. This episode was produced by the Teen Titans series production crew, and was made available online on January 11, 2005.)

    Outfitted in an orange jumpsuit and sporting spiked hair, Punk Rocket sees himself as the bringer of a rock music revolution. Not much is known about his personality other than that he only seems interested in bringing about destruction and forcing his brand of music on everyone else.


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