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In this issue alot goes down the first pages kicks off with what appears to be an amish family dealing with a dilemna. With his wife in grave condtion leaving the husband torn with keping tradition or saving his wife. Fisk continues with operation kingpin but recieves a call and learns someone is on to him. So Fisk goes to take the target out but has an unexpected run-in with the punisher. We're then taken back to the amish family and the husband receives a message from Rigoletto.   This issue w...

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Frank vs. Fisk 0

We finally get a bit of a showdown between Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk!   Mamma Cesare (wife of Don Cesare, killed in Ennis’s Punisher Max #1) calls Vanessa Fisk and tells her that she knows what Wilson is up to.   Wilson decides to pay her a visit.   Meanwhile, the Punisher is starting to feel that the Kingpin smoke might be a decoy for something bigger.   All he can find out is that someone is spending a lot of money, and Fisk is involved somehow.   He decides to pay Mamma Cesare a visit as w...

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