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Yo, let me get a dime of that Castle!

Frank Castle's back out on the streets, but with no money, ammo, or safe houses how we he survive in a NY firmly in the grasp of the Kingpin?

The Good

Love this cover, Dave Johnson is awesome.

The intro to this issue is just great. It's almost always obvious when a white writers writing black characters, especially when they're trying to add "blackcent", or Slang to the dialogue. Aaron doesn't fall into any of the common cringe inducing pit falls and writes a scene filled with hilarious verisimilitude. This opening scene with the drug dealers not only provides some dark humor but does a good job of establishing the new status quo of NYC.

The way frank goes about rebuilding his arsenal is perfectly handled...and highly humorous. Aaron has such a firm handle on Frank, and it's always great to get a look into his mind under his pen.

The introduction of The Hand and Elektra was well handled and I look forward to seeing how Aaron develops her as the story continues. Her "tryout" for the Kingpin was definitely a highlight. The twist

The twist ending of this issue definitely sets up some exciting events for this arc. A character form the beginning of Aaron's run makes a return and they have a score to settle with a major player in the cast.

The Bad

The issue focused more on introducing Elektra and exploring Fisk than it did Frank. Hopefully next issue we'll get a better look into how Frank's getting along.

The Verdict

Definite buy! Frank Castle's a character who's hard to take to truly new places, but with each arc Aaron's managed to explored the unexplored and delve further into the areas that have been in novel ways.

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