Why do All the Heroes Look down on the Punisher?

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@innervenom123 haha the only thing i don't like about punisher is when he does the cheap shots, but fighting isnt fair

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It's pretty idiotic how so many of them look down upon him, when almost every hero has killed people, but most people respect his capabilities.

But I mean, Elektra, Red Hulk, Nick Fury seem to respect him on a more personal level.

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#104 Posted by THORSON (4973 posts) - - Show Bio

because punisher just simply goes out and kills.

Wolverine has a more justified reason.

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@thorson said:

because punisher just simply goes out and kills.

Wolverine has a more justified reason.

Wolverine kills because they're just bad people who pissed him off. Punisher kills because he feels what he's doing is the right thing to do.

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It's pretty idiotic that they look down on him, there hypocrites, many of them have killed before, such groups like the X-Men have allowed villains they use to fight join them. Even though many of them haven't paid for there crimes, have shown no remorse for it, even went back to be being a villain (such as Magneto), but they didn't even get a slap on the wrist from most of the team members. Cyclops went from someone who followed the rules, to the ends justice the means type of character.

The Punisher uses his military training (Reconnaissance) to target wanted criminals who have killed, molested, raped and so on. As for Wolverine has a more justified reason... look up Punisher Max issue 44.

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Wolverine is not so public in his killings as the punisher, I mean, how many people in MU know about Wolverine's victims?

Personally I don't think the law has anything to do with justice, sometimes they barely have anything in common, so to me it's not a matter of wether the punisher follows the law or not but rather of wether my concept of justice coincides with his, which it does. But I understand most people's concept of justice doesn't line up with his, some (like one of the commenters here) seem to equate law with justice, and thats fine, but that's because their concept of justice clearly coincides with what the law says.
The Punisher is probably looked down upon by other heroes because of their highly idealistic ideas of what justice is, ideas that only work in a comicbook in my opinion, the punisher has no hope for the world, he knows what he does doesn't change the core foundations of our society, and he knows his war is never going to end, but in the name of justice or "Punishment", he can't stop.
Wolverine I admit I'm not too familiar with, but from what I see he is more akin to captain america, killing only once the battle has started, rather than going specifically out to kill like the punisher does, which makes him more accepted in the eyes of hero society.

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