Who could play The Punisher in a netflix series?

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Who do you think could play The Punisher? So far, we have had three different Punisher movies and none of the have been very successful. Although, of those movies, Thomas Jane has had the most fans and support of being recast, most likely because of his short film "Dirty Laundry" and because he himself is a huge fan of the character.

I myself couldn't agree more. Who do you think could play The Punisher?

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#1 Posted by TheCannon (20263 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe Karl Urban?

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#2 Posted by Cloakx14 (9136 posts) - - Show Bio

Kevin Durand

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Frank Grillo - Too bad he already plays Crossbones. He would have been a perfect Punisher.

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Would love to see Jane come back, but if not....

liev schreiber

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And my #1 choice. Aden Young from RECTIFY. Watch him on that show. He's ana amazing actor and he got the rough look and build for Punisher.

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Ideally, I'd have liked to see Frank Grillo take the role on, but I'd also love to see Thomas Jane reprise.

Maybe Karl Urban?

Huh. This never would've crossed my mind, but I can definitely see it.

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Sylvester Stallone... :P

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Thomas Jane is my number one pick. I love when actors actually love the characters they play. It adds a lot to the preformance in my opinion. Thomas Jane IS the PUNISHER!

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Nice choice

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@madeinbangladesh: Liev Schriber would have been perfect he's bada** on Ray Donovan.

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Jon Bernthal.

I want that so badly.

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i pick kevin Durand for punisher.

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Aaron Eckhart would be pretty beast if you ask me.

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@maccyd: I would actually love that if he was younger.

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After watching Hell On Wheels, I have to say Anson Mount would make a terrific Frank Castle.

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Jean Dujardin

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Andrew Lincoln

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@the_tree: i can see it , not bad a choice there

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#19 Posted by THORSON (4973 posts) - - Show Bio

the guy who played bronze tiger in Arrow.

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