Which power suits him well

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Armor like Iron Man wore

mystical weapons or talismans

power ring just like sinestro or Hal Jordan wore

Adamantium skeleton

Gamma enchanced power

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From the list above i think War Machine suit will be perfect for Frank Castle.

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Definitely the Iron Man armor. Frank could do a hell of a lot more with that suit than a rich dunk.

That being said, I don't think the Punisher would want, or even need, any powers at all in order to do his job. He probably would prefer Wolverine's regeneration ability. With all the Punisher's broken bones, cuts, gun shot wounds, and his normal aging, he could really benefit from healing instantly.

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Definitely healing or, a personal fan-fic favorite I'm working on incorporating into a "PunisherMAX"-esque "What If?" is a Deathstroke type of super-soldier serum. Which ironically I thought up the powers and how the serum would work and a possibly quantum computing chip in his brain and I started looking into heroes, anti heroes and villains and lo and behold I found The Midnighter and Deathstroke, and they are now my favorite "The Punisher with super-powers" type of characters :P

I'd like to see him with a modified super-soldier serum injected right as he's near-death in a "What If?" scenario of the PunisherMAX series. Nick Fury would have also reveal to have injected himself with it, explaining his advantage age (nearing 100) and extreme combative capabilities. Castle would have a slightly more powerful version and be put into a Thunderbolts-type of situation as a "thank you" for being resurrected at the point of death. Nick just looks at him as too effective a weapon. He'd heal at 1/3-1/8th the rate of the WolverineMax character (not sure if I'd include a MAX version of Wolverine or Deadpool, though the serum would make more sense if it came from Wolverine). I really wanted to include a Max Gray Hulk in the place of Red Hulk (who I think is owning it along with Frank, Venom, Deadpool, Elektra "Red Team" is very formidable, especially with Mercy and Leader...if they can control them)

The idea of making Frank think 10x faster, be 15x stronger and 10-15x faster, essentially negating his aging, he'd still look all Charles-Bronson-meets-Clint-Eastwood-meets-Arnold-Swarzeneggar-meets-Stallone-y. I'd introduce a slightly older Black Widow, definitely have her as a love interest, have Nick Fury head up the squad with Frank handling tactics, Fury long-term strategy, Widow logistics and advanced stealth, Wolverine as their 5"6 tank. Having Fury actually be in combat and kicking ass alongside Frank would be very gratifying at this point. I'm sick of Fury being sidelined, the last really awesome Fury story we got was from Garth Ennis way back in 2004-2005-ish.

There would be reasons to resist super-powers or enhancement but I thiink he'd get over them really quickly. As he has said, his body his a weapon. What better use for his body than to make it something that is nearly as unkillable as someone like Wolverine? I think he'd also dig into getting some of that Iron Man armor at some point, if Punisher is still around in the next 20 years he'll definitely be using some kind of power armor to negate all the technology that would be used to capture him. So that on top of the super-soldier serum (A gamma-enhanced one would be fucking awesome. but the wolverne/Cap/Infinity Formula mixture is the one I'm going with, and giving Nick a small dose of too while I'm at it). I'm sure Batman would be getting soe kind of upgrade like that as well. It only makes sense with technology moving forward for the vigiliante and street-level types to get better gear.

Daredevil would do well to get some kind of battle-suit. Imagine how well he'd do with a Stark-designed suit like the one he gave Parker in the Civil War?

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I wouldn't like to see Frank with any kind of serum to boost his capabilities. Frank is a "normal" human and without ruining what he is, the War Machine suit would be the better "power" for him, in my humble opinion...

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I would go with adamantium skeleton.

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none. I love my punisher the way he is.

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