What if, The Batman vs The Punisher

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Well i know this theme is too much debated, but i want to know what Frank Castle need to beat Batman...
Imagine that Batman is accused of killing an innocent .. What Frank's will need to win?
In my opinion Frank's needed to discover the identity of Batman... Why?
Because it's more easily to mess with Batman head (if that's possible!?) by knowing Bruce Wayne's past. 
What will Frank's needed to do? Maybe unearthing coffins of their parents to get his attention and probably forcing Batman to make mistakes or just by kidnaping Alfred. 
In theory Batman is much more stronger physically and mentaly not to mention his gadgets and hand to hand combat than the Punisher. 
To take Batman out of the equation, the Punisher should carefuly do some really hard prep work of the site battle outside gotham city. 
The fight should be at a warehouse or an abandoned building carefully rigged by the Punisher, maybe this way he could get rid of the Bats.
What do you guys think?

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Kill all his villains, this would be like spitting in his face and anger him. 
and depending who is writing Batman he's had trouble handling guys of the Punishers caliber before so he might not have to do that much.
Honestly Red Hood was similar to the Punisher in some aspects, but he was trained by Batman and still was defeated so I imagine Frank would have to take a real extreme route, like blow up Wayne Manor and the batcave, as well as his reserves, exploit his identity so he has to look over his shoulder constantly, things like that

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Wasn't there a crossover in the 80's when they did this?

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90's. It was azbats i think.
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@cattlebattle: I think you are right, blow up his resources would be a real efective way to try to beat him... I remember when hush appeared for me one of the best arc's ever of the Batman, when Batman got so messed up that almost kill Joker and Gordon arrived and stopped him.
In fact you got two crossovers...
1) Batman/Punisher: Lake of fire
2) Batman/ Punisher: Deadly Knights ( The best book )
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This is a very close call, but when it all comes down to it I have to go with the detective. I mean The Punisher in my opinion is just to sloppy, and as soon as The Punisher tries to attack Batman and of course fails, the Punisher would have left all sorts of clues and evidence ultimately leading to The Punisher's demise....

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Punisher for the win. He'll ggol out and plant explosives and traps. Plus i would he say he is slightly stronger

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All of Batman suit is almost a living weapon and the cowl is a huge advantage for him with thermal goggles night vision, bullet proof etc, The only thing i can think is trying to lure Batman into a warehouse or a building with explosives and booby traps and tying to beat him.. Always at distance because at short range or in hand to hand Frank's dont have a chance.

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I can't call a winner, but I would love to see some modern crossovers between DC and Marvel starting with a new Punisher/Batman. 
Heck, I'd love to see a new Grendel/Batman crossover. That was killer too!

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I would like a reprint of Punisher/Batman...

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