What if punisher had the venom symbiote

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love the punisher always have and loved the what if story where he gains the symbiote what would you think of castle had the venom symbiote in a series or if he had other powers like when he had a bit of the bloodstone

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It wouldn't be Frank Castle at all. The true Punisher is just a human without super-powers, with some huge military training and a superb marksmanship. That arc was ok, but im glad it was only a hi-tech suit. I liked the bloodstone only because it restored Frank to early years and he turned back to his normal self.

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A synthetic Venom suit Frank used during World War Hulk.
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There was a what if? comic that covered this he pretty much went on a full blown murder spree 

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It would be similar to current Venom though he would still work alone.

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Looks like someone needs to do some back issue shopping.

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