Tom Hardy want to play Frank Castle

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Speaking with Collider while promoting Mad Max: Fury Road (watch the most recent trailer right here), Hardy was asked about his departure from Suicide Squad and whether or not he’s consider taking on another comic book movie. His response was simple and to the point, but then not very confident:

“I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want.”

Since Hardy is already on board a developing Splinter Cell movie, that leaves The Punisher. But the actor who once bulked up to play Bane in The Dark Knight Risesand a fighter in Warrior then lamented, “I’m not big enough to be The Punisher, I’m 5’9″.” The interviewer didn’t think that was much of a problem (look at Tom Cruise), and expressed his feelings that his normal stature actually adds to the character. Hardy merely responded, “Frank Castle, I would love it.”

Well that's some pretty big news. Tom Hardy is a famous star that's able to carry a blockbuster franchise as a leading man. Plus he can act and is HUGE! Granted, he may be too short for the role, but with movie magic they can make him look taller...just see The Dark Knight Rises... he looks plenty tall in that...definitely over 6 feet tall.

At first I was thrilled! He was awesome as Bane, awesome in Warrior, awesome in Inception...he's muscular, popular and can carry the franchise. Then I started realizing that his face looks nothing at all like Frank Castle and lacks the "Batman chin" that he needs for the role. Also...can he pull off a convincing American accent? Can he pull off being shorter than he should?

Either way, good or bad choice, it's just great to see the Punisher's name getting tossed around these days...especially by big stars.

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I could see him pulling it off.

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nah Gerard Butler would be better

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