The Punisher And Vietnam

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Ive noticed recently that the last two big films of The Punisher have changed his backstory to bring him into modern times, the first had him fighting in the gulf war and the second just had him as a special forces instructor. This irritates me a lot and ill tell you why.  
1 His time in Vietnam is the most important formative experience of his life. He becomes a killer in Vietnam and gains a taste for warfare there. Its the main reason he become what he becomes after his family is killed.  

2 Vietnam was a long, violent war in which thousands of Americans died. It was a watershed moment in American history, and bred such an infamous reputation that the gulf war or even the ongoing occupation of Iraq cannot rival. It's Frank Castles perfect war.  

On a side note,  While reading ultimate comics i noticed he was not a Vietnam veteran at all but  a police officer. For the above reasons, its obvious that Brian Bendis knows nothing about the character.  What worries me is that as time passes, Frank Castle's date of birth will not only be updated, but his time in Vietnam will be replaced, taking away much of the characters personality and psychology. What works for Spiderman does not work for The Punisher.  
My ideal vision for the Punisher is a nineties set period series, in which he is in his forties, is driven by his love of war, and is free of all the crappy gimmicks comic book writers are now employing (overuse of monologue narration being one).   Bring him back to his roots, dont be afraid of leaving him in a specific time period, and above all, dont change his all important backstory. 

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Punisher: MAX needs to be adapted page by page into a movie. The first arc.

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Take it from a veteran who sat in a room full of Veitnam vets, Punisher's dark psychology didn't develop within Nam nor does it make any sense. Yes, his relationship within Vietnam was very interesting and did build his character, but Frank Castle can survive without his stint in Nam. 
...and to answer your question as to why media is currently avoiding Punisher's history within Vietnam? Trying to avoid the same petty issue that the film First Blood went through, having an army of angered Vietnam Vets ranting how the movie disgraced their current status. Trust me, Vietnam Vets are very fragile and sensitive when it comes to psychology and how it's presented and Punisher was lucky enough to slip through the cracks of another pointles arguement.
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@MTHarman:  I never read anywhere that the Punisher was a metaphor for Vietnam, though i can see why people would think that . I dont think that Castle represents Vietnam veterans or anything like that, i imagine most Vietnam vets would be just normal guys who had the misfortune of  fighting in a horrible war. But Frank Castle did fall in love with war there, and it is an essential part of his character. 
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@MTHarman: You ever read "Punisher: Born"? It's kinda a huge deal that Frank's origins remain in 'Nam.
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From the way I interpert the movie industry today,they dont won't to "take" the audience of the time period,while us fanboys would love a nam based movie,we wont get that. Take the batman(nolan) storys for example,nolan set his movie in reality which is depriving him of such great characters in the batman universe but it is succesful"why?" you might ask. Because people like to feel that this is "batman"personally I believe nolan is kinda pushing it with bane but thats besides the point,the mainstream audience want the punisher to be "the dark knight"every time a director has tried to appeal to the fanboys it's flopped,Scott pilgrim,Paul, Both of which fantastic movies but not recognized for the magnitude thats on screen. The  point Im trying to make is Punisher is,in a sense a "cult" character,and for him to be done right would be sacrificing the profit.  
If you guys are really looking to see a TRUE tribute to the punisher, go to youtube and look under punisher 79 through 82,they are fantastic fan films,true to form spot on,its like the punisher max in the marvel universe,check them out dude.

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@bringdeath: Why the hell did the guy use The Beatles on the  soundtrack?!! Ah no they were a good attempt, pretty well made, but they were  just so removed from what i know to be The Punisher. That guy playing him  just wasnt right i thought.
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@kev17: agreed.

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