Sylvester Stallone in his prime as The Punisher

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his overall badass attitude coupled with his impressive physique would've given us a sick Punisher. do you agree, or do you have someone else on mind?

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No! But I<m really biased since I can't stand Stallone... Thomas Jane was great, the only one that nuanced the character a bit..

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I was JUST thinking Steven Seagal (in his prime) would have made a good Punishe earlier this evening. But honestly, the fact that Thomas Jane loved the character enough just to come back and do this little unofficial short convinces me he's up to returning as a great Punisher:

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Yeah DL was cool :P And nah Steven Seagal... His acting is kinda too rigid...

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Hell. Stallone now as Punisher would be stellar. He just looks the damn part. Could have him as a Nam vet and everything as the guy is in his late 60's legit but in insanely good shape.

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considering they made a punisher film during stallones prime and it went to dolph lungren i think that pretty much answers that question

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He kinda was already...

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