Should Frank's friends and enemies in MAX be introduced in 616?

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Since Nick Fury, Bullseye, and Kingpin have been introduced in the Punisher's MAX series should people from the MAX series be introduced into 616?  Rawlins General Zakharov Kathryn O'Brien, etc.could be introduced but would they lose everything about them that made them so good in MAX by being to watered down and/or changed?  Or could they be introduced and actually work in 616?   



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i doubt theyd have much life outside of those stories. If they brought them into the superhero world itd just be for the sake of it rather than a quality story.

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the MAX stuff is too good for the 616 crapfest that is Marvel.

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@Caligula: yeah that sounds about right.
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Max is great and I like the environment the villains grow in with the format. However, I love Barracuda. They need to get him in the Marvel Universe yesterday!

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I wouldn't mind if they did it well.

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I think Barracuda is the only one that would fit well in the regular MU, he's kinda like Deadpool, you don't know when he's dead, he always has a good wise crack. But he would be so watered down it would be unbearable.. like Deadpool.

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They should leave Max enemies in the Max world, we need a new rogue's gallery for the Punisher 616

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