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A while back, I stumbled upon some online postings of moments from the Punisher: In the Blood series, and I seem to recall a leather-clad woman who seemed to be a new adversary. I'm aware of the further story behind her, and so I won't spoil it for everyone out there, but I recall that her appearance consisted of a splash page in issue #1 (if memory serves) that I hope would work well for a profile picture on the site. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the web now and so I'm lost on how to get a hold of the image. If someone could post the image that I believe exists (or at least a decent full-body shot) I would greatly appreciate it so that I can work on her profile page a little.  
I'm unfortunately depending on my memory here though, so I can understand if I'm just completely lost here. But if someone could confirm or deny my assumption then I can thankfully put this to rest. If the image exists, then I believe it should be in issue #1 or quite possibly #2.  
Thanks to anyone out there willing to read my ramblings and/or help me out here. 
And just so this hasn't been a complete waste of your time, I'll leave you with this: 

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I've got issues #1,2, and 3 and I dont recall any such splash page...

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Crud. So I AM losing my mind...  

Thanks for your time though.
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The woman isn't someone new...

No Caption Provided
It's spoiler (but Frank figures it out on the end of issue 2, so it's not really a spoiler unless you haven't read issue 2 yet)

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