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I am a huge i mean huge punisher fan and i just finished watching the dark knight and i realized that i dont care what the critics
say ,if they had just given punisher warzone half the budget they had given every other marvel movie this wolud have at least scratched
the surface of how goodof a movie the punisher could be.but holding it to the dark knight is a big comparison, ray stevenson was  fantastic  character in the film if they had just given the time and effort  ,budget and writers as they gave iron man and the incredible hulk it wolud have a better reception than this crap!!!!!screw the critics go see this movie it is great!!!!

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I agree with you I too am a huge Punisher fan as well, Ray Stevenson did a way better job as Frank Castle then what Thomas Jane did.

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thankyou!!! I just want people to go see the movie cause honestly i would like to see a sequel in the long run but thanx for lettin
me rant thanx

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There's already a movie discussion thread.

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