Punisher: NEW series in 2014 -Discussion-

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Finally we have our so long awaited series. This seems promising with Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. With their experience in "The Activity" i think they are the best option right now to take this title.

We only know that the Punisher will moving to L.A. ( this means he will leave T-Bolts?). There is some funny detail is that Cole Alves is in there too, but Nathan has said in an interview that there is no plans right now to use her.

Personally i think this change of place will benefit the character and he will stay away from the "heavy weights" do-gooders.

Let's see what this creative team will do, i have high hopes on them.

Some random art by Mitch Gerads and really cool!

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WOW I am very excited about this! I like how they are keeping Frank "older"... I'd say he definitely looks 40+ years old in each of the pics. I don't mind the change to LA either. There have been plenty of arcs with him in other states and countries, so this will be something new and fresh without going too much out of The Punisher's realm. I just hope we get to see him kill a few surfers and movie stars or something!

The thing I want the most, besides a great story, is that they actually give it a chance to gain some steam and not get cancelled after a year. I am still baffled that Rucka's run was cancelled after only 16 issues (plus War Zone's measly 5 issue Rucka 'add-on'). If they can get this series up to over 50 issues, I would be very happy. With as many volumes as The Punisher has had, including War Zones and Journals, he has only had a series go over 100 issues ONCE! How can that be? Marvel needs to really put some love behind old Frank Castle and let him get a nice long, multi-year, series!

also... now I MUST own that "I'M NOT DAREDEVIL" t-shirt!

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@davethepunisher: That shirt just rocks! I agree with you, a change of "air"will be good for the character, at least he doesn't have to deal with the do-gooders that want to arrest him.

This creative team has give really great interviews, if they do what they say, this could be the best Punisher of the decade. Easily.

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I haven`t read The Activity but I have been reading a couple of interviews with Gerads and Edmondson and it sounds hopeful. Exciting really!

By now I`m hardened by Angel Punisher, Frankencastle and the cancellation of Rucka`s run - all I know is it can`t get worse..

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I hate that shirt!!!

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I know Nathan Edmonson from Who Is Jake Ellis. I read the first issue of the Activity last night in preparation for their run on Punisher. Definitely a good fit for Frank. I'm kinda surprised that Marvel would launch another series so soon after cancelling Rucka's series. Could have just let that series stay its course and keep him out of Thunderbolts. I really wanna follow up on Cole-Alves Punisher.

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Can't wait for this.

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@daredevil21134 said:

I hate that shirt!!!


Because I think it's silly and it reminds me of the current Daredevil series which I don't like

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I love that bottom picture!

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Team Frank!

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Extremely excited!!! Rucka's run was ended prematurely!

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Just yes.

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Mitch Gerads. Looking pretty good. Read something about the new series coming out february 5th?

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Lookin< good so far with issue 1 and 2 :D Hope there's gonna be some C-List Villains killing :P

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