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Today I found a discrepancy between the battle stats of marvel encyclopedia and marvel site about the Punisher. Which one is more accurate? Or none of them is nearly close?

Just look at the official ratings
Just look at the official ratings
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Personally i would put:

Intelligence: 4;

Strenght: 4;

Speed: 3;

Durability: 5;

Energy Projection ( I think this one is for super powers): 1;

Fighting Skills: 6.

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How is it that Punisher has better stats than Captain America? Lol.

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If this was the early 2000s, I would have said the one from Marvel, but thanks to people like Matt Fraction, Rick Remember, Daniel Way, Soule, Rucka and now Edmondson, he is now nothing more than a dumb weak amateur who just gets lucky. Compared to all the characters in Marvel, his Fighting Skills should be a lot lower.

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I thought him taller.

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