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Hello guys, this topic explains itself, if you have news or something to share post here to everyone.
I found this today, its more details about the Punisher written by Greg Rucka.

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Thanks for posting that.

From what I gathered after reading the article is that Rucka is basically saying "I'm not going to do the stupid things Fraction and Remender did, but I can't write the character like he is in MAX because Marvel will never allow it." In other words Frank will be more like how is in MAX but will never be at that same level and he won't be thrown as mindlessly into marvel events like he was in the second volume of war journal nor will he be turned into some stupid creature either.

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Amen to that :)

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Hello guys, nothing new about the Punisher but i will share the more important sentences. You can always read the full interview in the link below.

Rucka was promoted as "the scariest man in comics" due to the grim knowledge of violence he's bringing to his "Punisher" scripts. The writer described the best way to slit a throat saying, "I've had a lot of late nights going out and shooting people" for preparation before adding in seriousness, "Frank is very straightforward. He wants to go out and kill bad people, and you don't get in his way when he's doing it...the thing that fascinates me along with that drive is how it affects everybody around him." When Singh said "This is the 'Gotham Central,' 'Queen & Country' Greg Rucka" Alonso chimed in joking, "This is not the 'OMAC' Greg Rucka."
Rucka said that "Punisher" starts with a gangland slaying in a wedding reception which should echo the death of Frank Castle's family. To the writer, Castle died with his family, and since then, only the Punisher exists. This Punisher will be very quite in his manner and all action in his crime fighting. "The challenge for any writer doing the Punisher in the Marvel Universe is that there's a 'PunisherMAX' book," said Alonso, and Rucka promised the challenge of integrating the anti-hero into the Marvel U will take a central place in his new book.




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