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Hi everyone, I had another topic going about helping a friend who is trying to get into the Punisher comics. I'm trying to make a story arc by story arc list for him, but I'm running into some trouble with the Punisher War Journal (1988) series. Issues 34-44 on here have little to no information about the issues. I'm trying to figure out which issues in that gap are part of story arcs and which ones are one-offs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone in advance.

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The other thing is Max the Dog.... he appears in War Journal BEFORE the events of the Suicide Run Crossover. Yet issue #37 of War Zone, which was released AFTER Suicide Run, seems to be the INTRODUCTION to Max the Dog.... am I missing something? and same question as before but with War Zone issues 26-30? is there a story arc there? or just one-offs? And if there's any issues in War Zone that my friend is supposed to read before issues in Punisher or War Journal, please let me know.

Thank you guys a lot. This should be the last of my questions... almost done with this list for my buddy. Trying to get it done for him before Sept 5th when we take a comic store trip....

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Issue 33 it's the last part out of 3, of Kamatchkan Conspiracy. And issue 34 is an issue called Blackout its about two gangs fighting for territory, if i recall it right.

About Max you aren't missing anything. They wanted to tell the story of his origin later on.

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