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Probably one of the biggest and most recent controversial moments with Marvel Comics is the death of the Punisher and instant revival of Franken-Castle. As a hardcore Punisher fan myself, I would find myself disagreeing on how Marvel would take one of their famous heroes or vigilantes and just strip away the whole concept that made him famous from the very start and revive him as a Frankenstein, trying something new and fun for a comic character who was lacking comic sales, which is understandable and i'll cover later on in this. 
Franken-Castle was a new instant idea, but would have more of a either hit or miss to him, its either defending this new character or sharing your extreme hatred on what Marvel did to one of their most EPIC badasses. Franken-Castle wasn't a risk that Marvel made because its obvious that they would know how the reaction towards Franken-Castle would be and that it wasn't going to last, I personally agree that Franken-Castle is probably the biggest mistake that Marvel made, even if you disagree with me on that one I could careless. A while back I tried to compare naturualism and realism with the Punisher, and I know that I probably explained it the wrong way, but till this day im suprised that a group of bloodthirsty Comicvine commentators would bring up a minor cyborg villain that fought Punisher a few times known as Bushwacker, not the demon stuff in the late 90's, not fist fighting Spiderman, not the vampires, the mutant parasites, just Bushwacker to prove me wrong? 
So I got the impression that many modern comic fans didn't know how much of a badass Punisher was to many comic readers back then, yet some would hate this guy because of his boring predictable storylines of the same thing. Punisher mostly shooting drugdealers and badguys, same thing and nothing new, which is why comic sales started to go down twice for poor Frank. 

Why Naturalism ? 
EPIC, Punisher moments, PRISON FIGHTS
EPIC, Punisher moments, PRISON FIGHTS

   As I try to give this another shot, Punisher himself has no naturalism at all. Yes he's human, and he fights the badguys with a loaded M-16 and a pocket full of gernades, but that doesn't define him being naturalistic and having realism. What I see, is that Punisher would show our personal dark deep feelings of what should be done with crime, you may disagree with me on this, but for some who would probably wouldn't admit it, they would probably see where im getting at with this. Vigilantism is the form of Justice that many people are interested in seeing because one thing that many people hate, is crime. So as I explain the dark relation that Punisher may have with its readers, theres also the concept he's introducing into the Marvel Universe. 
CRIME, thats right, real crime, such as drugdealers, rapists, murderers, the lowlifes who dont wear a costume, but terrorizes the city with their own greedy needs. Punisher would introduce the same problems that our society would be a victim too, crime. Yet, writers would try to have Punisher steer away from the heroes and villains in his own series, but seeing an oppurtunity to give the fans what they want was probably the reason why Punisher ended up lacking comic sales from the start. 
Punisher may be ridiculously more fake than Rambo himself, but because of him and his very first series he would put realsim into the World of Marvel as we see its not only the costume looneys who terrorizes the citizens, but also the same crime we go through today. 

What went wrong? 
Yes, thats the Punisher
Yes, thats the Punisher
Well, if your wearing a costume and fighting crime or playing vigilante in the World of Marvel, its bound that Frank is gonna go up against a line of heroes and costume villains. His connection with Spiderman, Daredevil, and Captain America went pretty well as he makes an appearance in a couple of their issues when Punisher first started his career, but in my own theory, being more involved with what is labeled unnaturalistic in the Marvel Universe is what started to kill off the Punisher and the lack of interest on seeing Punisher constantly blowing away drugdealers. In a way, Its like watching cops constantly, its the same damn thing everytime, idiots, drugusers, robbers, and drugdealers running away from the cops, IT GETS BORING. No major storyline, no exciting event, nothing new, just Punisher blowing away more drugdealers and badguys. 
Punisher was a huge success, but when Marvel tried to take an advantage of that and throw him in just about every other series of some other heroes comic, even throw him in an Archie comic, have him involved in the most stupidest storylines, his fame started to die off in the late 90's. Revived again and only to be right back where he started when he decided to get more involved with killing supervillains, having weaponry that made him look seriously ridiculous, and seeing him being "cool" with Rhino? 
Now that isn't the Punisher that many oldschool Marvel fans used to know, and once again if you disagree with me on that one too, it is a full blown fact. 

What should have happened?

Heres a question, Why does he need his own series? Why couldn't he just be a major supporting character? I mean a little limited series here and there would be awesome, but as for the Franken-Castle idea, agree or disagree, it was a bad idea that did have some fans felt liked they were slapped in th face. But it could have been a good idea if they took away the whole monster island crap and focused on more creativity and seriousness with this new character, yeah, I can picture Franken-Castle being awesome in my own mind, but how he was displayed is what Marvel intended for him from the start, a funny joke, and its not smart to make a funny joke out of serious character, may be cool to new comic fans or those who fell asleep to Punisher blowing away badguys, but no, it wasn't cool nor was it smart. 
Punisher is an awesome character, even if you dont like him, he does (or did) have a huge fan base that followed. But having him start his own series that was meant to last was a bad idea from start. His second revival was EPIC, but sadly Marvel didn't learn the first time, it doesn't last.  
Frank is returning, which is predictable by the way, unless Marvel can expand their creativity with the world of crime and criminology, I hope that he doesn't start off his third return to life with his own series that Marvel expects to last more than 100 issues, because we may see the whole Punisher issue rise again for the third time.  
Just because Punisher is EPIC, doesn't mean he must have a damn series on his own in the Mainstream Universe, mostly if Marvel doesn't have the creativity to make a crime theme series last long. If they can't handle him for the third time in their mainstream universe, then they should just be smart and give him to DC, because Marvel is really screwing this guy up everytime after this guy makes a huge impact.
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Let's hope that Marvel will never again try to disrespect a character ever again, like that's gonna happen, Marvel does this all the time, I just hope they will let Punisher be he had a little success before turning into Franken...something whatever, I still can't believe that Marvel makes so many childish mistakes with it's characters, I hate you Marvel for that.

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Remenders run before Frankencastle was phenomenal to say the least, one of the best runs on a book in the last 2 years.

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