Marvel now worth it?

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Is Punisher Marvel Now any good?I've been reading runs by Garath enis doubt I spelled his name right

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@flameboy298: Yea it's pretty great, you should check it out

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Well it's different from Ennis. You will noticed that this new "Punisher" isn't as psycho as Ennis portrayal.

I wouldn't risk and say this Punisher is better than Ennis, only time will tell... But to me it's been a great ride and very accurate of what i think the Punisher should be.

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Personally, I love it but remember that the Marvel Now Punisher takes place in the 616 continuity (plenty of guest appearances from the MU) while Ennis Punisher is a MAX comic (rated Explicit Content 18+ and hardly any characters from the MU)

They´re different but if you like The Punisher you should definitely check it out

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