Jigsaw (Billy Russo): Punisher's Endorsements

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Billy Russo (Jigsaw) is a complicated villain and nemesis of Frank Castle (The Punisher).

Russo was an abused boy who grew up to be an underworld hitman and was involved in the death of Castle's family and Castle's turn as the Punisher. The Punisher wreaked havoc on Jigsaw's den but the villain was disfigured in the process and has pursued Castle/Punisher ever since.

Russo's cut up face is the inspiration for his eerie name, but the *jigsaw* title also refers to Russo's relentless obsession with vengeance, wrath, and profiteerism.

Jigsaw storyboards serve to highlight the diligence of Punisher (Marvel Comics) consciousness, which is why Jigsaw deserves more acclaim and to be ranked with other comic book super-villains such as the Riddler (DC Comics) and Red Skull (Marvel Comics).

We should therefore have an analysis of how much the Russo-Castle entanglement has shaped the Jigsaw-Castle respect and mistrust.

Jigsaw (Wikipedia)

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I've never really been a fan of Jigsaw. He has had a couple good stories, but the Punisher does not really need recurring antagonists.

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