Is Howard Saint a Comic Character??

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     He is the villain in the punisher movie with thomas jane.  he is played by john travolta.  is he at all a comic book character, or did they completely make him up for the movie.  i mean, the movie is half based on the punisher story with ma gnucci, and saint does similar stuff to what ma gnucci does.  however he is male and killed punisher's family and all, and the movie is also based on other arcs.  so is howard saint a comic character??

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@TheRedHelm: thanks 
i get why they switched it from ma gnucci--mainly, they didnt want that death scene to be done to a woman--but even though i really liked the film, i just didnt think he worked as a villain. 
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@violet_eyed_dragon: I'm not sure who they could have casted to play Ma Gnucci. Maybe Susan Saradon. I kinda thought Howard Saint was based off Bruno Costa. Oh well.

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@ravenvice01: Unfortunately, they wanted to use him as "Jigsaw" in the 2004 game. We all know that Jigsaw is Billy Russo and not Howard Saint. But they wanted to create a new persona for Jigsaw. Dumb move.

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No and he was a terrible villain.

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