If Greg Rucka's Punisher doesn't sell..

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then why can I not find Punisher: War Zone #1? My comic store had one issue of War Zone # 2 which I managed to get my hands on. I went to different comic stores today and no one had issue 1 of the series.

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I know online shops may not be the best of places to buy comics, but have you checked any of those?

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that's probably why no one has them...most stores only order enough of low selling books to cover the people who subscribe to it and maybe a few extra

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I don't want a digital copy


I didn't think about that

If I cannot find a physical copy, then I guess I will have to wait for the trade.

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@JoeEddie: You can order physical books off the Amazon and midtowncomics websites, which is what I meant initially.

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Yeah, I buy all my trades from Amazon since it is so cheap. Cannot seem to find the single issue on Amazon though. I will look at midtowncomics now. Thanks

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#7 Posted by tomchu (533 posts) - - Show Bio

Im going to assume Punisher War Zone #1 was on low print. Took me ages to find a 1st print #1, bought mine off a friend who had a spare copy :) Apparently, 2nd prints on the way. WHY DID THEY CANCEL AN AWESOME SERIES?!?

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#8 Posted by Crash_Recovery (855 posts) - - Show Bio

In order to sell, stores have to preorder 3 months in advance. If their expectations are low, they're not going to order a ton.

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#9 Posted by Captain_Yesterday (810 posts) - - Show Bio

I couldn't find #1 either, had to resort to ebay which sucks because then you spend just as much on shipping. Sadly I checked and the only listing is for a lot of the first three and above cover price.

Also, I think Twentyfive was referring to buying a physical copy from a comic shop with an online store, not buying the digital copy. That's a good option to, but again with the shipping.

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